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Once upon a time, there was a farmer's market just bellowthe windows of a hotel.

Both locals and hotel guests wereable to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphereof these markets in Tyl Square and shop for flowers,handmade products and fresh supplies from local farmers.These supplies from local farmers played an integral rolein the creation of our exquisite carrot cake.

The carrot cake stands as a symbol of our endeavorto blend human creativity with the bounties of nature.

Imagine ⁠-⁠ a handful of ingredients from the hotel kitchencoming together to form something truly distinctive.Crunchy nuts, juicy carrots, delightful fondant and a hint ofcinnamon ⁠-⁠ all harmonized perfectly, resulting in asnsationalmedley of flavors. This carrot cake wasn´t just a dessert,it was a testament to how a few simple ingredients can beelevated into the realm of the extraordinery.

Visit the markets on Tyl Square, taste the carrot cake at our Clarion Hotel Prague City and allow the enchantment of nature to sweep you away.

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“Where there is cake, there is hope.And there is always cake.”

Dean Koontz